A Line in the Sand


A Line in the Sand

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Take a trip through the sandy dunes with this percussion ensemble (with battery percussion). The foundation of this piece uses what’s called a “double harmonic major,” scale (that form of the Dmaj. scale, the key of the piece). Challenge your ensemble with fast rhythms, perplexing time signatures, and some fast runs, along with a nice groove section in the middle.


The original first battery phrase in this piece surfaced/originated all the way back in 2018, where this piece would inevitably sit dormant for a while. But earlier on last month, we decided to pick it up again, and finish it off!

We start off with a very quiet atmosphere to set the kind’ve desert/sandy-mysterious setting in a slow 2/2 and 3/2. We hear the motif right off the bat the will be heard time again, more pronounced later on in the piece. In the next section coming at a fast 208 we hear the original motif that was implied in the beginning of this ensemble. We then are presented with the battery section coming in with some very tasteful drumset and we hear the “double-harmonic major” themes we mentioned earlier. Next we are followed by more of a breakdown section in 3/4 to help transition/further-on the piece. Then, followed by a kind’ve implied tenor feature with a little bit more of a wonky section played by the mallets. Later, to then counter all this madness, we hear a contrasting 6/8 groove heard by the percussion/battery section against the melody played by the metallics and woods.

Next, we are greeted a welcomed tempo change to 144. Here, the mood has changed a bit with a key change to Cmin. This is then followed by another groove section, with the original motif we heard in the beginning of the piece but fit into a triplet grid (implied in the 208, but felt in the 144 against the drumset and battery, that provide the backbeat in this section). Moving on, we then arrive back at the 208 section we started with and are back at the motif from the beginning of this ensemble, but then followed by a battery/percussion section feature to transition into the final section of this ensemble along with another key change! (…to F#maj)

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