Chaos Theory


Chaos Theory

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featuring the original music of Todd Stalter & Pink Floyd


Chaos Theory gives you a glimpse into a world of machines where everything is angular and systematic. Featuring the music of Todd Stalter and Pink Floyd, this advanced field show for marching band is more aggressive than ever.


This show begins with the haunting sounds of a mechanical civilization that lead into the introduction of rigid and robotic phrases. Throughout the opener (an arrangement of Todd Stalter's "Ignition"), each voice in the ensemble showcases its interpretation of chaos. The ballad ("Welcome to the Machine" from Pink Floyd), shows the audience the darker side of the robotic environment. Swells of emotion struggle to break the surface of this metronomic second movement. In the closer, we revisit "Ignition" and feature percussion and dissonance beyond anything performed by the ensemble so far. This exciting finale concludes the theory that only chaos can come from artificial authority.

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