The Ritual


The Ritual

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featuring the original music of John Mackey


This marching band production aimed at an intermediate ensemble highlights a both ritualistic, and unified message whilst displaying control of the harmonic complexity.


“The Ritual” begins with a solo soprano saxophone. This melody is repeated as more voices add complexity. The piece "Strange Humors" by John Mackey serves to highlight the ritualistic musical ideas. Later on in the ballad, we explore the deeper meaning behind the ritual—The performers communicate a unified message and end with displaying control of the harmonic complexity.

Finally in our closer, we begin with a feature from the percussion with a bit of a reprise of the original melody from the opener as the. As the battery percussion begins to build more and more, they break out into section-based solos and become the prime focus. The "Strange Humors" melody is once again spoken by the duet, showing how traditions can change while still retaining the integrity of valued ideas. The final movement shows the audience a range of new concepts to be added to the ritual.

“The Ritual” ends with rich intensity, and power from the ensemble.

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