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Read below for frequently asked questions from our previous clients and partners.


You can contact Velvet Audio regarding any and all general questions, show inquiries, in-depth music-related questions at info@velvetaud.io, or through or contact us page.

Click to view our Terms of Service, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Contact Information (for EU). If you have any questions, send us an email at info@velvetaud.io, or through or contact us page.

We aim to reply within 48 business hours, however we also encourage you to reach out via any of our social media platforms (linked in the footer of this website), as all members of our team are avid social media users.


You have a few options: You can go through a company like Tresóna Music and handle it through their web-based system, or contacting the publishers directly if they are not exclusively administered by Tresona.

Getting these permissions are required before shows with those restrictions will be leased, so it would be wise to get started with that as soon as we confirm that a show is available to your ensemble.

All non-show catalog items on our website accept any/all standard forms of payment (i.e. credit/debit card, ApplePay etc.) For shows, payments can be made by check, money order, PayPal or purchase order.

Once a customer has downloaded their digital product(s), they cannot be refunded as there is no way for us to guarantee that they no longer have access to the downloaded product(s).

Once purchase is confirmed, you will be presented with a page containing download links to any/all files associated with your purchase. If any links have expired, and you are unable to re-download your purchased products, contact us.


Payment (or guaranteed payment in the case of a purchase order) must be received before we can grant access to show materials.

We do understand that budgeting can be difficult for schools so we allow flexibility through payment plans. If necessary, we can work with each school individually to make arrangements to pay in installments.

Note: if you choose the PayPal option, there is a 3% surcharge added to your total show cost that is charged by Paypal. Though it incurs extra cost, the PayPal option is great if you need your show in a hurry.

Once a show has been reserved by an school, independent group or organization, we won’t sell it to other groups in the same circuit/WGI events, as per our regional protection.

By committing to, and paying for a show, an ensemble has effectively taken it off the market for their submitted schedule for that competitive season. As such, it would be unfair to us or other groups who inquired after the show was purchased for us to provide a refund. Once students/staff have had access to the music, there is no way to "return the product."

However, a credit may be applied to your future season if you chose to work with us again at that time.

Navigate to our Contact page and fill out the information about your group and the show you are interested in, and we can let you know if it is available. We lease our shows on a site-based exclusivity basis, so you’ll need to check to make sure it’s available for your ensemble.

While we don’t have pre-made drill packages, we have a hand-full of talented visual designers with whom we could connect you to satisfy your visual design needs.

Every group is a different size and has different skill sets. There would be no way to offer quality visual packages for the masses with a one size fits all mentality. This site is set-up for the group that is looking to get to the next level, not including drill reflects that philosophy.

Our circuit/site-based protection is circuit and event-based, meaning no two units in the same circuit or competing at the same regional events (DCI, IPA, WGI, BOA, etc.) can lease the same show, regardless of class.

Important: When reserving a show, it is imperative that clients report their planned competition schedules as accurately and as early prior to the season as possible. Even if those plans have possibly not been finalized for non-circuit, regional events, the possibility of attendance needs to be reported. We are not responsible if two ensembles perform the same production at the same contest as a result of inaccurate schedule reporting.

Click to learn more about our Regional Protection Policy.

If you are interested in commissioning an original show, contact us as early as possible to get information on availability, production timelines, and pricing.

Indeed! We’ll just need you to get in touch with us for more information in regards to fees and the turnaround time. As referenced above, we additionally incorporate the notation files for the entirety of our shows/production, including both marching band and indoor percussion. This may include mix and match levels/parts for battery and front ensemble, or individual parts. As well as modification of the instrumentation.

While we don't have pre-made shows with multiple classes, we understand that from top to bottom a group can have a wide array of personnel on the talent spectrum, and from section to section. For that reason, we would be happy to work with you and your group in this regard.

The general rule of thumb is most shows can go down in difficulty/class, but can't go up. The amount of time it takes to increase the difficulty/class of a show is not at our disposal at the moment.

Absolutely! Our beautifully formatted notation files come standard as a part of every show. We understand the need to modify and tweak our shows to best fit your specific ensemble. We just ask that they be used only by the staff of the leasing ensemble/organization.

We understand that it takes some time to decide what your show will be for an upcoming season. To make sure that there is enough time for you to inquire and consider your options, we will hold shows for two weeks from the first date of contact. If another unit with a conflicting competition schedule contacts us within that period, we will inform them that you are still making a decision.

However, after that hold period, we will attempt to contact you via email/phone and give you 72 business-hours to respond. If we do not hear from you within that period, the show will be released to the next inquiring school, independent group or organization currently in contact.

Our shows are leased (not purchased, as Velvet Audio retains the ownership) for the duration of one competitive season (a season is defined as period of 365 days from the time of purchase).

If an ensemble leases a show for a season, but decides not to compete that season, an additional license would need to purchased for future seasons. The reasoning is very similar to why we do not offer refunds. The show was taken off the market, preventing other units from using it, so a leased but unused show is treated the same as if the show had been competed with.

Our shows are designed with fluidity and continuity in mind, so we cannot sell individual portions or sections of our shows/productions.

No, we only sell wind and percussion parts as a package. The success of these shows depends on the total integration of winds and percussion, especially given our strong percussion background. We cannot offer the wind parts or percussion parts separately and still give it the Velvet Audio "seal of approval."

Once a show has been paid for (or a regular form of payment has been established, all materials are made available through a secure Dropbox folder (with a password, and link expiration).

The most common method is by using the Akai MPX8, or the MPX16. A MacBook that can run MainStage and be routed to some kind of MIDI control surface (such as a keyboard, or other sampler). Or an iPad running BeatMaker 3 or iMPC Pro 2. They can also be played-back digitally through MainStage or any other DAW.

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