The Bay Harbor Butcher

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The Bay Harbor Butcher

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"As I do with all my other solos, I wanted to begin my piece with a motif that would appear throughout the solo. The title of this behemoth is in reference to the SHOWTIME series Dexter. I wanted to put something together that challenged myself and my hands and also improved skillsets that I struggled with."


I wanted to kick-off this solo with a kind’ve 'stutter-ey', buzzed grace note pattern with lots of left-hand flow preps. This beginning portion of the solo is full of tricks and what-not along with lots of very relaxed and flow-ey passages. Next, we move into a very groovy buzz section along with some fast thirty-second notes and back sticks and hi-mom’s. Later on in the solo you’ll find some more intricate buzz patterns with fast fivelets and nine lets along with a super fast paradiddle section closing out with a long roll section and then ending out with the motif that we saw from the beginning of the solo.

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