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“Into the Ocean” by Blue October outlines the fight with mental instability and depression while using water and the ocean as a metaphor for sadness, this was the foundation of Deluge. We began to toy with the lyrics, and although nothing from the song is explicitly used, there is much inspiration from that song in the show.


The tarp depicts a crashing wave headed towards an island prop in the far left corner of the tarp. There are also a few wave props on the floor, each with objectively negative words such as “sadness” and “fear” written on them. The show opens with the reveal of our main character (female) who’s story we will follow throughout the production. Nothing specific has been decided, but ideally the battery plays the role of the antagonist during the show, causing the character to feel more and more like they are drowning in what is going on around them. The wave props are used to this end as well, following and trapping the character as the story moves along. The island serves as the characters goal during the show, as sort of a safe place for her to get away from everything she’s fighting.

There will be supplementary vocals to give the audience a more readable story (as opposed to a girl running away from drums and waves for seven minutes) and there are many more details to be ironed out as far as the visual package, but what we basically want to happen is that the narrator builds up the courage to fight back. Things start to get better, she feels more positive, the waves go away, etc. The snare feature in the closer is the final turning point where we realize that she might not be okay after all. The waves come back as the snares build intensity into the final full battery segment, where she is then surrounded and can’t escape the rising “waves” around her. This leads to the final full ensemble conclusion, where the main character is lost in the chaos around her (drowning) until she finally appears making one final attempt for the island in the corner. She dives, reaches out an arm, and is just barely able to caress the island with her fingers. After the battery release, wave sounds play and the props wash away along with all of the battery members and the main character sneaks out as well, unknown to the audience. We are left with an open floor, calm music, and an empty island which has turned and reads “Faith?” in the sand. This leaves the audience to wonder if the character has made it out, or if she’s washed away with everything else.

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